Chronic Disease Network & Access Program (CDNAP)

Prince Albert Grand Council
Health & Social Development

Our Vision

Our shared vision is to collaborate with all organizations, care providers and agencies working with chronic disease prevention and management to improve the quality of life for Northern residents living with a chronic disease. It is our goal to create best practice networks across communities, and jurisdictions that enable improved access to effective care and case management. Respect for culture and personal wisdom of families and clients living with a chronic disease is paramount to all our efforts.



CDNAP is funded by the Aboriginal Health Transition Fund

Guiding Principles

  1. To maximize positive health outcomes for clients living with a chronic disease (Diabetes, Hypertension, CVD, or COPD)
  2. To build capacity within communities to support the client and work towards self-management and healthy communities
  3. Improved access to care in a location in or near a client's home community
  4. To incorporate a Holistic Approach that considers culture & tradition in conjunction with conventional care
  5. To utilize technology that provides an innovative approach to care and treatment

What are we Striving to Accomplish

  1. Promoting client self-management and improved quality of life for those living with a chronic disease.
  2. Improved communications across jurisdictions and health systems
  3. Ensure best practices and effective case management of chronic disease
  4. Enhanced knowledge and skills of care providers, clients and their families
  5. Collaboration with other chronic disease initiatives within Northern Saskatchewan
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