Team Diabetes Canada International Events

Get active and help the Canadian Diabetes Association lead the fight against diabetes by joining Team Diabetes today at teamdiabetes.ca!

Walk, Run or Bike in Events Across Canada!

Team Diabetes is perhaps best known for offering people a chance to walk or run in amazing, once-in-a-lifetime destinations such as Cayman Islands, Disney World and Edinburgh to name just a few. For over five years, though, Team Diabetes has also been participating in some of the best events Canada has to offer!

From the Pacific to the Atlantic and points in between, we have much of the country covered! Whether you are an avid marathon runner, dedicated walker, recreational mountain biker or road cycling enthusiast, the Canadian walk/run and cycling events offer something offer for almost everyone.

Our calendar starts with Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Calgary in May, followed by Vancouver in June, the Centurion Ontario bike ride (Horseshoe Valley Resort) in July, Edmonton in August, GranFondo Whistler bike ride in September and then Victoria in October. Plus we also have a roster of our very own Run for Diabetes events in select cities!

The local events are great to walk, run or bike in with your friends and family members and being close to home, your supporters don't have far to go to cheer you on to the finish line! They're also a great way to get involved with the Team Diabetes program if you don't have a lot of extra time to fundraise or travel.

In addition to raising much needed funds, joining Team Diabetes also helps us raise awareness about diabetes and the important work of the Canadian Diabetes Association locally as we participate alongside literally tens of thousands of our fellow Canadians each year. Our jerseys get noticed and the more team members we have at each event, the bigger an impact we can make for the 9 million Canadians and someone each of us know living with diabetes or prediabetes.

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